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Affordable and Durable Roofing Solutions in Minneapolis

Living in Minneapolis means dealing with some pretty tough weather—from heavy snow in the winter to intense summer storms. That’s why choosing the right roofing material is so important. A good roof isn’t just about keeping you dry; it’s about ensuring your home stands strong through it all.

At Integrity Exteriors & Remodeler, we’ve got a range of affordable, durable roofing options perfect for Minneapolis homes, using top-notch materials from brands like GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed. Our certified and insured team is ready to help you find the best solution, whether it’s asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or something else entirely.

Ready to make sure your roof can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it? Give us a call (763) 753-2246 today, and let’s get started!

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a top choice for many homeowners in Minneapolis, and it’s easy to see why. These shingles are both affordable and durable, offering a great balance for those looking to get the most value out of their roofing investment. We specialize in offering high-quality asphalt shingles that are perfect for Minneapolis homeowners looking for durability and affordability. Our asphalt shingles, sourced from top brands like GAF and Owens Corning, are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Minneapolis, including heavy snow and summer storms.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is gaining popularity in Minneapolis for its incredible durability and sleek, modern appearance. Made from materials like steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc, metal roofs are built to last and can withstand the region’s extreme weather conditions, including heavy snow, high winds, and even fire. Our metal roofs are available in steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc, and are engineered to last 40 to 70 years, providing long-term protection against Minnesota’s extreme weather.

Clay Or Concrete Tile Roofing

For homeowners in Minneapolis looking for a roof that combines timeless beauty and unmatched durability, clay or concrete tile roofing is an excellent option. These tiles offer a classic, elegant look that suits many architectural styles. Our tiles, sourced from leading manufacturers like Eagle Roofing Products and Boral, are crafted to withstand fire, rot, and insect damage, ensuring your roof lasts up to 100 years. Choose from a wide range of styles and colors to complement your home’s architecture perfectly

Flat Roofing Material

For commercial buildings and modern homes in Minneapolis, flat roofing from Integrity Exteriors & Remodeler provides unmatched versatility and functionality. Our flat roofing options, including Built-Up Roofing (BUR), Modified Bitumen, and EPDM, are designed to maximize space and durability. With brands like Firestone and Johns Manville, we offer top-quality materials that ensure long-term performance and minimal maintenance. Our expert team ensures proper installation and maintenance, keeping your flat roof watertight and resilient against the elements year-round.

Synthetic Roofing Materials For Minneapolis Weather

Choosing synthetic roofing materials from Integrity Exteriors & Remodeler means investing in a sustainable and long-lasting roofing solution. we proudly offer synthetic roofing materials designed to withstand the unique weather challenges of Minneapolis. Our synthetic slate, rubber, and plastic roofing options offer superior durability and weather resistance while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Made from recycled materials and crafted by leading brands like DaVinci Roofscapes, our synthetic roofing solutions provide a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Whether you’re interested in enhancing the curb appeal of your St. Paul home or seeking a roofing material that can endure Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, our synthetic roofing options provide the durability and reliability you need!

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Michael McIntire
Michael McIntire
Andy and the whole team at Integrity Exteriors have been great to work with. They stuck with us the whole time the insurance company was dragging their feet. The roofing team did a great job installing a quality shingle. I look forward to working with Intergrity Exteriors on future projects!
Barry Ahlsten
Barry Ahlsten
Integrity did a roofing and siding project for me, and I was very happy with the outcome! They care about the details!
Amanda Bruins
Amanda Bruins
Wow!! Integrity Exteriors and Remodelers were prompt. The adjuster’s communication with our insurance company was professional. The roofing team installed a high quality shingle. They cleaned up after the job was done too. My yard is cleaner now than before the installation! My neighbor, who was a roofer, said the roofing team did a high quality installation job! Thank you Andy and Paul at Integrity!
Ray Miller
Ray Miller
Great people and great business! Paul is a wonderful person to work with.
paul bruins
paul bruins
Very professional and prompt. They kept me informed all throughout the process and were very easy to deal with.The owner was always quick to reply to my messages. I highly recommend them.
Scott Henstein
Scott Henstein
Andy is all about integrity. Would recommend him to friends and family.